Training according to your needs and wishes

Although the solutions offered by Futura® are very user-friendly and intuitive to use – a little training is still necessary. The training can last one or several days. The users are trained how to use the solutions quickly and efficiently. You have a choice of how to run the training: at your site, the Futura® Seminar Center in Wiesbaden or online via Webex.

Just like every customer has unique requirements for solutions, they also have different training needs. Therefore, Futura Solutions offers three types of training:  

Standard Training
Standard training courses are based on ready-made training materials. The users learn about the basic functions in the corresponding areas of the software and there is plenty of time to practice in order to consolidate the knowledge.  

Individual training
Individual training courses are based on the needs of the customer. They serve to broaden the knowledge that was taught during the initial training. Individual training courses usually follow four to six weeks after the standard training.  

Administrator Training
The classic training for the IT department: The training focuses on implementation and maintenance of the solution, such as the transfer of existing data, setting up new users, the distribution of rights, the adaptation of views or the definition of workflows.

This method is a reliable and economical way to anchor the knowledge about Futura’s solutions in your company in many minds. Therefore, it makes sense to train power or key users, who then transfer their knowledge to other employees. They act as a coach. Futura Solutions ensures you the best possible training for these users. If there are still open questions, of course, the users and trainers can contact the Futura® first level support.

In a globalized world, not only software solutions have to be multilingual, but also the support staff. The Futura Solutions hotline supports users during usual office hours now in six languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.