Do not leave the quality of your suppliers to chance

Not every supplier meets your high standards of quality. And of course, you do not want to work with the wrong one. The order of the day in procurement is to improve the quality and reduce risk. myFutura can help you with that: with the comprehensive supplier management you can search for appropriate suppliers.

After that, you can qualify, evaluate and develop active and potential suppliers systematically. myFutura also assists you in finding new suppliers and their inclusion in your supplier catalogue. The aim is to create a superior qualified supplier base and match it with the legal requirements as well as the ethical, qualitative and quantitative requirements of your business.


  • Building a qualified supplier database
  • Individual questionnaires for qualification
  • Classification by product, eCl@ss or German LB DIN
  • Automatic monitoring of contract periods

Features at a glance:

The myFutura® supplier catalogue currently holds 40,000 entries. And it continues to grow. myFutura helps you to find suitable suppliers and service providers quickly and successfully with numerous filter criteria in these "yellow pages". You can also qualify eligible candidates by number of employees, locations, certificates, skills or turnover.

There are standardized online questionnaires in myFutura. This way, you can extend your corporate supplier directory for qualified suppliers and service providers. You can manage suppliers for services and goods in material groups in myFutura according to DIN LB and eCl@ss - in your own company's catalogue. New suppliers can be created in myFutura in different ways: manually, using Excel spreadsheets or directly via an SAP interface.

Suppliers and service providers should meet your quality criteria. myFutura therefore assists you in qualifying interesting vendors. It provides you with an integrated questionnaire generator and an element library. This way you can easily create customized questionnaires, determine possible co-criteria and individual terms of the respective questionnaires. Or you design them according to the templates you use in your company.

Additionally: Your supplier may belong to different material groups. You can include them into the questionnaires for the qualification of suppliers. myFutura facilitates the analysis of the questionnaires. You can analyze manually, semi-automatically or automatically. That depends on what kind of questions you include into the form: multiple choice questions, open questions (e.g. What additional services do you offer?) or closed questions (yes / no).

Supplier Management