Forget about verifying invoices

Futura® SRM makes checking invoices obsolete. How does it work? Before billing takes place, the performance reports (allowances) are verified and released. The service provider enters his quantity calculations directly in the Futura® supplier portal, so that the verifier can access them immediately. If the order was based on a framework agreement, the service provider can access it and fill the positions to be settled (billing specifications). He can also calculate his quantities using mathematical formulas provided by the system. These days, he can do this almost anywhere, as he only needs to be connected to the internet.

The online link to your order and settlement process accelerates the examination, correction and approval of the services provided. Verifier and service provider exchange service entries until they are released – online of course. The effect: Because the vendor only bills his services provided after they have been approved, no subsequent verification of the bill is required. Automatic billing makes things even easier. After the service entries have been approved the service provider receives a credit note.


  • Online service entry and approval
  • Approval can be carried out anywhere
  • No need to check invoices