Futura® SRM

The platform for services procurement & management

Services procurement and management takes place mainly in the area of maintenance and project business. It is characterized by a very large number of small contracts (small projects) and possibly the use of framework agreements. Operating expenses for the settlement of this large number of orders is enormous. Therefore, control of the services provided is difficult and the potential for process improvements very high.

With Futura® SRM you can optimize the business process of services handling. Requisitioners define their requirements on the platform. They'll be able to use framework contracts or item lists. You submit inquiries and orders online to your service providers, who report back their entries of services rendered, also online. For review and approval all the verifier needs is an internet connection.

The trick: After the release, the activity record sheets are created automatically in SAP via standardized SAP interfaces.  Invoices no longer need to be checked and can be replaced with an automatic billing.  

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