Transparency, security and comfort in the request and offer process

The core processes in procurement include requests and offers and their respective documents. Many companies save and process these documents in their leading SAP system. They should be allocated to the relevant stage, so that nothing passes by the SAP system. This is often a requirement of the audit department and has consequences. Large offer specifications e.g. with many items that exist on paper or are stored in another system usually need to be attached manually to the order in SAP as a pdf file.

It could be a lot easier, though. With the purchasing platform of Futura Solutions you request quotations online via the Futura® supplier portal. The integration of the platform allows you to transfer tenders including all attachments into your SAP system at the push of a button. Manual operations are completely eliminated. The offer can then easily be converted into an order, the process is well documented in SAP and all attachments stored to the case. This way, you achieve the desired transparency in a convenient manner.

You can easily expand the number of bidders on the platform no matter whether you start a request in SAP or Futura®. If a supplier does not yet exist in SAP, his offer will be transferred to SAP as that of a one-time supplier. It is very simple to upload services as GAEB or Excel files to the platform and make a request to your suppliers and service providers. Offers are then automatically created in SAP with all the items as line items. Futura® works here as GAEB converter for SAP.

This is an enormous relief for you, since now you can carry out the ordering and billing detailed down to line item level. This gives you the highest level of transparency and security.


  • Transparency in the request and quotation process
  • Online access for suppliers for bidding
  • Import of material lists via Excel for creating requests
  • Import of specifications via GAEB or Excel
  • Start a request in SAP or myFutura
  • Easy extensibility of bidders
  • Automatic price comparisons
  • Transferring offers to SAP at the push of a button
  • Mapping of all positions in SAP as line items
  • Standardize and automate the request process

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