Interface technology

Many are afraid that an integration of third party solutions into SAP could only be handled with great effort. This concern is not founded for Futura´s solutions. Futura Solutions uses only standardized interfaces. This means for you: There are no developments or modifications necessary to your SAP system.

You also receive reliability for your investments into Futura´s solutions. The standardized interfaces are ready for release. Everything you need for the integration of Futura solutions with the SAP system is an integration middleware. This may be the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) or SAP Process Integration (PI). If you do not have these components in use, Futura Solutions offers you an economical alternative solution: the middleware Futura® Business Gateway (FBG).

Futura Solutions has implemented mechanisms of error prevention and monitoring for safe operation of Futura@SAP. Plausibility checks and references to any incorrect or inaccurate actions will lead you to the desired results. Futura solutions make sure that data can be exchanged across systems between client and contractor. Using special journal functions, you can check at any time when and which documents and data were created or modified and by whom. The data is identified precisely with issue time, sender and receiver.

The FBG (Futura® Business Gateway) is the middleware and integration platform of Futura Solutions GmbH. It connects Futura´s  solutions with your SAP environment. The required data is transmitted with Web services in XML format to the Futura´s solutions. The standards used are SAP BAPI and IDocs. Depending on the interface, the data is synchronous (real-time call), thus directly transferred, or asynchronous (batch input method). The IDocs are automatically converted into XML structures. The advantage is that it keeps the configuration and implementation effort of FBGs low.

Futura Business Gateway