This is how nothing bypasses SAP

Even in procurement and processing of services nothing should go past the SAP system, in order to ensure transparency and control in the settlement process. But the effort is enormous. Because in a number of orders each activity would have to be entered manually as an activity record sheet in the SAP system so that all services rendered can be traced back. It is therefore common practice for the service provider to submit the activity record with his invoice on paper. The invoice amount is then released and processed in the SAP system. Discrepancies regarding the bill have to be discussed with the service provider by phone or in writing, which is time consuming.

The SAP-integrated billing of services is easier - with greater transparency. Futura Solutions put the verification of services rendered before the billing. Thus, checking bills and correcting invoices becomes obsolete. In addition, Futura® carries out the whole process of ordering and billing online. I.e. service providers receive their orders via the Futura supplier portal and they enter the services rendered online. They can do this from anywhere. An internet connection is sufficient.

You can review the service entry reports of your supplier in Futura® and clarify any necessary amendments online. The trick: Due to the SAP integration an activity record sheet is created automatically in SAP after the services rendered have been checked and released. This saves you a lot of effort. Instead of checking whole invoices you only need to check the activity record sheet number the vendor refers to in his billing.

If you wish to automate the process further, you can set up an automated billing system in SAP, which creates a credit memo for the vendor on the basis of the activity records you have released. The benefits: No more checking and manual processing of invoices. Your billing process is even leaner and more secure.  


  • Automatic synchronization of framework contracts
  • Service providers have online access to frame work agreements for billing purposes
  • Online verification, correction and approval
  • No software installation is required
  • Activity records are created automatically in SAP
  • Elimination of invoice verification
  • Ideal basis for automated billing

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