Why use the process integration of Futura@SAP?

Many know how to create SAP interfaces, but real process integration in SAP? This is the great strength of Futura Solutions. Futura@SAP is based on a simple idea: Integrated and holistic processes, in short: process integration, make purchase and billing of materials and services more transparent and efficient. This way you save money and avoid stress. Futura@SAP combines high comfort with complex functionality.

What distinguishes interfaces from real process integration? Interfaces describe the exchange of data between different systems, for example the import or export of data from one system to another. But what happens with the exported data, e.g. whether they arrived completly is another question. Data exchange of simple interfaces is usually initiated manually. There is no feedback on the processing of the data in the system which has received the data. Moreover: changes to once exported data are commonplace - but subsequent changes with a simple interface solution only work with great manual effort.

The process integration Futura@SAP works completely different. The exchange of data between SAP and Futura® is triggered automatically out of each step of the process. Thus, Futura´s solutions are closely linked to your SAP system, so that all operations started in Futura® are also provided with a processing message from the SAP system. There is no need for a manual import or export of data. The standardized Futura@SAP process integration ensures that your SAP system is supplied with all relevant data from Futura®. No matter which process you are at right now as a planner, consumer or buyer - with Futura@SAP you virtually control the SAP system by remote.

This gives you great process reliability. To all processes started in Futura the respective documents are created automatically in SAP. You will receive messages from SAP in Futura®, if there are problems in data processing and where they are located (error handling). You can quickly check the status of the process by using a traffic light function in Futura. In other words, process integration, such as Futura Solutions understands it, enables efficient processes with a high degree of security and transparency.

SAP integrated Processes