Most people prefer the easy way

Suggesting that tendering, contracting and billing are a breeze, would be too much. But Futura® AVA makes it a lot easier, for example, the management of your projects. You can file them in folders, as you please. It is up to you how you want to arrange the folder structure. Your works show in the relevant project arranged according to project phases: cost calculation, bidding, price comparison, award and settlement.

Not everything goes according to plan. Even in this case Futura® AVA is a powerful tool. Whichever way your projects develop - at each stage, you can save the state of planning. So you can follow up and document changes in the course of your projects any time. Another strong feature of Futura® AVA is the sophisticated amendment management. It shows amendments separately from the main orders.

One of the strengths of Futura® AVA is that it is audit-proof. Processes that are stored as auditable cannot be changed anymore. A log records any change, beginning in the tendering phase. Thus you can trace who made what changes and when and how this has affected the cost.


  • Easy creation of item list
  • Free folder structure for managing projects
  • Documentation of all project phases
  • Management of planning phases
  • Document Management

The modules in detail:

Futura® AVA offers an unusually large range of functions and is easy to use. You can customize the basic module Futura® AVA for your expense calculations, tenders and price comparison lists. You can also administer your contract awards and bill your projects. All important information is stored project-related. A comprehensive address and document management system facilitates your work.

Cost calculation
The cost calculation starts at item level by entering quantities and prices. In addition, prices can be taken from the price database of the master item list.

You can customize the item lists either manually or by using positions, titles or works from the master item list or other projects. As far as position texts are concerned, Futura® AVA supports all popular text systems or texts: e.g. STLB Bau, Heinze Ausschreibungstexte or SirAdos BauDaten. You can also work with external planners, who will create item lists for you, which you can easily import via GAEB (2) or Excel.

Price comparison list
With the basic module you can display three types of price comparison lists. In addition, each of them offers several options to customize the layout, e. g. by showing or hiding columns. You can also export them to Excel.

When a contract has been awarded, it is blocked in the tendering phase. So it cannot be changed anymore, unless the administrator allows it. At the same time Futura® AVA automatically creates a folder for amendments. The advantage: a clear separation between the main contract and addendums.

For the settlement of your projects Futura® AVA leaves nothing to be desired for. You decide in how much detail you want to document the allowance and if you want to bill cumulatively or periodically. In the invoice journal you can process individual, upfront or final invoices.

(2) Gemeinsamer Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen (GAEB) in this context means a special file format for contruction planning.

Futura® AVA makes your work as easy as possible. This also means that the solution offers interfaces to all common text libraries or systems. You can customize individual position descriptions quickly and accurately.

We are happy to advise you on which texts are best suited for your work and make you an offer.