More integration is possible

Integration has many advantages. This is particularly true for construction works with their very specific requirements. Futura@SAP is a great solution for that. The integration of construction and real estate management in SAP improves the performance of Futura® AVA considerably and turns it into a powerful construction and financial solution for all project phases - from planning through bidding to awarding and billing.

In other words: The SAP integration of Futura® AVA bridges the gap between purchasing and technology. In practice this means for you: You can carry on working as usual in the familiar user interface of Futura® AVA. But in the background, all processes are automated and connected with the SAP system. This makes sure that you can work in Futura® AVA and all financial and accounting documents required are transparent and saved audit-proof in the SAP system. Thus you can be sure that project controlling and financial controlling match.

With Futura® AVA you have a powerful remote control of your SAP system at hand. At the same time your operating departments can keep the familiar interface of Futura® AVA. Your accounting department and your controlling will be thrilled to find all the necessary documents in the SAP system.

How well Futura® AVA cooperates with SAP is also evident when it comes to making offers. If required you can also file the accompanying documents in the SAP system. For offers in GAEB format Futura® AVA automatically creates item lines including all individual items in SAP. Futura works as a GAEB converter for SAP.

If a contract is awarded, you can create an order in SAP at the push of a button. Status notifications from SAP keep you posted in Futura® AVA on work in progress. This makes your processes more efficient and therefore stable and secure.

Another big advantage of Futura@SAP appears in the validation process of the services provided or material allowances. As soon as the verifier has checked and approved an allowance, this is not only documented in the AVA invoice journal but SAP also creates the corresponding activity record sheets. Your benefit: Your payment obligations are automatically reduced. This also shows that the SAP integration leads to a consistent and coherent project and financial controlling.


  • Planners continue to work in their familiar "AVA" surface
  • SAP documents are created automatically in the background
  • Online tendering on the Futura® supplier portal
  • Price comparison lists at the push of a button
  • Transmission of awarded contracts to SAP
  • Status notifications and feedback from the SAP system
  • Mapping of all item lines in SAP
  • Online check of activity records / allowances via supplier portal
  • Automated creation of activity records in SAP
  • Integrated amendment management
  • Automated reduction of payment obligations in SAP
  • Integrated project and financial control

Planning Process