Keeping an eye on your financial return

Any investment has to pay off. All the more important it is for you as a project developer to have a strong calculation and planning tool for your budget calculations and economic analysis at hand. Futura® AVA helps you calculate potential earnings of a property and keep risks to a limit. And not just you: Because with Futura® AVA, you can build a network for your team and calculate the profitability of a project based on secure data. Not only you, but the whole team can keep an eye on your financial return.


  • Individual calculation of profitability
  • Flexible design just like in Excel
  • Financial, interest and cash flow planning

The individual modules in detail:

The clearer and more accurate your calculations are, the lower your risks. The project calculation module of Futura® AVA is not only a convenient and fast but also a very reliable instrument for your developer or builder calculation. The Project Calculation module includes a freely definable revenue structure. Also the cost structure can be defined freely, e.g. on the basis of DIN 276 (German industrial standard). In various scenarios you can oppose revenue and costs, taking into account rent guarantees, risk of vacancies and marginal revenue calculations.

The Project Calculation module of Futura® AVA is suitable for any type of property. You can calculate both the efficiency and financial return of commercial and residential real estate as well as mixed properties. The module will also support you in distinguishing between areas with and without sales tax. The financial, interest and cash flow planning is fully integrated into the module Project Calculation (PC). This will help you to define cash flows and document the corresponding interest expense and income. PC directly compares outgoing and incoming payments, so you can exactly identify the cash requirements of your project development. In addition, the module distinguishes between equity and two different types of debt.

Project Calculation