The direct connection to your suppliers

Do you want to copy pages and pages of item lists for tenders and then send them off by mail or fax? Or burn them on CD or DVD? It sounds pretty out of date. Futura® AVA is much quicker and up to date in this respect.

For tenders your purchasers only have to select a group of possible suppliers. Futura® AVA finishes the job for you: It makes the tenders available to your suppliers online, via the Futura supplier portal on the Internet. There the bidders can view the tender directly on the screen and decide if they want to place a bid or not.

Suppliers also have to quote their prices online. They can either enter the prices directly on the portal, or they have the option to download the tender including documents in GAEB or Excel format, if they want to calculate their offer offline first. They can then re-upload the offer in GAEB or Excel format on the supplier portal.

Your purchasing department knows the status of each tender at all times, even complex ones: Has the bidder viewed the tender at all? Has he opened attachments, terms and conditions or drawings? Or has he already submitted his offer? Status messages in Futura® AVA inform your purchasers reliably on the state of things, so they are always up to date.


  • Convenient and quick way of requesting offers
  • Document and attachment management
  • Transparency in the inquiry process
  • Bidders only need an internet connection
  • No software installation required
  • Bidders are supported by Futura hotline

The modules in detail:

This is the fastest way to request offers from or exchange documents with your suppliers. The supplier connection builds a bridge between Futura® AVA and the Futura® supplier portal. Suppliers and service providers can view a tender immediately on the screen, edit it and make an offer. To do so they only require internet access and the login data they receive with their first request.

Supplier Connection