Maintenance costs can be scheduled

A window breaks, the lighting for the stairs is defect or even the whole heating system. Then you need builders who come along to fix things. It’s a fact that you cannot avoid such unplanned maintenance work entirely. But with Futura® AVA you can schedule a lot of these tasks way in advance. This is how it works: You only have to keep an eye on the substance of your housing stock and properties and assess their respective state. Then you can plan maintenance works in time, thus reducing your costs considerably.

Futura® AVA can help you with that. In standardized forms, you can take a note of the results of the ongoing evaluation of your buildings and objects. These data form the basis for future maintenance requirements - and thus ensure that you plan the budgets and investments realistically for the next five to ten years. This keeps your maintenance costs at bay.


  • Management of objects and properties
  • Documentation of inspections
  • Defect management
  • Maintenance calculation
  • Budget management
  • Framework contract management

The modules in detail:

Foresight and future planning pay off, especially when it comes to the condition of buildings and facilities. Unplanned maintenance work can be scheduled. That’s what this module is for. As a first step you can set up all of your buildings and housing stock gradually. When you inspect your housing stock you can document the condition of the buildings by using checklists. You can add documents and photos. This way you gradually optimize your maintenance. Futura® AVA consolidates all inspections and displays the total maintenance expenditure by time and costs.

Property Inspection
You can filter any defects by various criteria: date, priority, floor, occupancy, unit, repair, renovation and modernization as well as the required action. You can also allocate defects to maintenance and modernization measures. Your advantage: Required value preservation and value enhancement measures can be assigned to different budgets.

Property Evaluation
The analysis gives you an excellent overview of the maintenance requirements for the next five years. The requirements are divided into maintenance (repair and renovation) and modernization. A detailed illustration of the requirements for the whole property is also possible as well as for individual buildings, floors, occupancies and units. Even with an extensive property portfolio, you can easily evaluate the requirements by different criteria. This way you can avoid increased costs at certain times.

Recurring maintenance work is regularly due for larger property portfolios. Often there are smaller individual orders. This module enables you to keep the cost of these unplanned services and small orders under control. This is done through framework agreements that apply to a specific time period (annual contract) and define the conditions for individual calls or orders. Basis for the framework contracts are the default directories of services and unit prices. You can also define the directories yourself.

The module maintenance calculation of Futura® AVA is the basis for your controlling. With this module you budget and control your maintenance activities. This allows you to create individual maintenance budgets for scheduled activities such as a change of tenant, heat insulation measures or necessary renovations to the front of the building.

With this module, you can create maintenance budgets and spread estimates over a period of up to five years. You can simply list the cost of each maintenance or new measure using the Budget Manager in Futura® AVA. If a measure takes several years, the cost is equally spread over the relevant period. You can also customize the view of the budget planning according to your own requirements using filters and sorting options.

The module Evaluation in Futura AVA helps you to get an overview of the cost development of all projects. The budget report lists all projects with the current cost of each project phase, ranging from cost estimate to billing.

Order Tracking
The order tracking displays all item lists, which are already in the awarding or settlement phase. You can define the relevant evaluation period yourself. You can open the projects listed by double clicking on the corresponding line. Furthermore, you can export the list to Microsoft Excel or print it out directly.

Property Management