More accurate estimates through flexibility

Those who estimate or calculate costs beforehand as accurately as possible are less prone to nasty surprises later. Futura® AVA is a powerful tool in this respect. It helps estimate your costs. Futura AVA responds flexibly to your specific needs: You can equally build your own cost groups and set up the necessary structure according to your own requirements. .

For the calculation of costs on item level, you simply pick up on prices in previous, already billed projects. They are logged in the Futura® AVA price database. You can also reference a cost calculation. Each position in the cost calculation can refer to a cost group. The advantage: At the push of a button you can view your calculation.


  • Individual structure according to your own cost groups
  • Distribution of individual costs to multiple cost groups
  • Linking the costs across different cost categories
  • Master item list with price database
  • Referencing the cost calculation to the cost estimate

The individual modules in detail:

The cost estimate is practically the basis for deciding whether a pre-planned project goes through to the next planning phase. This underlines its importance already. Therefore, you need a strong yet flexible tool - just like the cost estimation module in Futura AVA. Depending on the application, it helps you to build a highly flexible cost structure. Luckily this task is only a one-off, because the cost structure is maintained in the master data - it is thus automatically transferred if you create a new project.

Flexibility also means that the cost structure can be adapted to a specific project with the functionality of a useful Explorer. So you can just reference your own costs to a freely definable cost categories structure. This makes your method of cost estimation comparable and understandable for others. Using the input assistant you can carry out complex quantity calculations with only a few values.

For good quality tenders you have to set standards for a consistent way of working in your projects. The Futura AVA module Master Item List can help you with that. You can create a structure for your works - with award units and titles / subtitles, and the individual items.

In the integrated price database, you can manage any number of prices and price components of a position. These prices may be basic prices you have entered yourself, prices of providers of service items, annual contract prices with bidders (via the additional module annual contract prices) or prices of completed projects. The latter are an important source: the more projects you have completed, the more prizes are available - and thus a better basis for a more accurate calculation of costs on item level.

Cost Planning