Keeping costs under control

Buildings are a complex thing. There are a lot of different parties and often plans change, even when a project is already under construction. This is everyday life. But how do such changes affect the cost of construction? This question is often overlooked. Futura® AVA helps you to monitor construction costs so that they do not get out of hand. So you can easily compare the respective current state of affairs with the original budget.

You can compare the present with the past, by checking the latest forecast against earlier ones. This creates transparency and security. Futura® AVA provides you with a powerful tool - so you keep the costs firmly under control.


  • Comparison of costs in all project phases
  • Consideration of opportunities and risks
  • Creating and comparing forecasts

The modules in detail:

Futura® AVA is based on the phases of the Fees Structure for Architects and Engineers, meaning it represents the cost of each phase. So you can follow the exact development of the budget and the construction costs and compare these numbers with the forecasts. The highlight of this module is the evaluation by different cost categories. This allows you to show the costs according to DIN 276 (German industrial norm), awarding types or individual cost keys.

The warranty is now a vast and often confusing field. However, with the Futura® module warranty management you keep track of the warranty commitments of your contractors. With this tool, you can manage all tasks related to the warranty commitments quickly and easily, regardless of how many partial acceptances with different warranty periods apply.

The document management system allows you to assign each partial acceptance with an unlimited number of images and documents. So you do not miss any important deadlines, the module reminds you of the expiration of a warranty period just in time. Extensive filtering options facilitate the search for specific jobs. And last but not least, Futura® AVA provides you with suitable templates you can use for notifications of defects.

Construction Control