Quick deployment and installation

Futura Solutions has been developing reliable client-server and internet solutions since 1997. Therefore, you will benefit from a wide experience. Client-server solutions are easily installed on individual computers or for several hundred users in networks. For access, regardless of  your location, Futura Solutions uses the Microsoft terminal server technology. This allows users to access the solution, wherever they are and whenever they want.  

For the internet solutions all you need is internet access and a browser, no software installation is required. You only need to implement software, if you want to connect the internet solutions to your SAP system. Compared to individual SAP solutions, the expense for the SAP integration is relatively low. Due to the standardized SAP process interfaces,  it is very economical.

The solutions of Futura Solutions can be implemented quickly and therefore immediately increase the efficiency of your business processes. If you want to speed up the process even more, the experts at Futura Solutions carry out the customizing for the integration of our solutions to your SAP system.