Water Association Eifel-Ruhr will Handle its Framework Contract Business with SAP Integration in the Future

Wiesbaden, Germany, August 2013

The planning and handling of a large number of construction and service provisions count among the duties of about 530 Water Association Eifel-Rur (WVER) employees.

To be able to handle this great amount of services in a standardized manner, the WVER wants to use framework contracts and fixed-term contracts on the basis of price lists which are to be deposited in SAP in the future. By doing so, the WVER wants to achieve greater reliability on the accounting process of orders with contract reference initiated in SAP. In addition, the handling of planned and especially of unplanned services (e.g. limit-services) is meant to improve, invoice verification should be simplified. Thereby, all of it must meet the requirements of transparency and accounting guidelines, and it should offer traceability in SAP as well.  

After a comprehensive market analysis, the Water Association has chosen the SAP-integrated solutions offered by Futura Solutions in order to meet these requirements. Considering the huge savings of workload induced by the lapse of activity recording the WVER assumes that the application of Futura solutions will pay off within a few months.