The fast track to suppliers

Increase the efficiency of your procurement processes

Integrated processes, integration of bidders, suppliers and service providers, speed, transparency - these buzz words are often used, when it comes to purchasing and accounting. But Futura Solutions is serious about consistent, transparent and effective processes. This primarily involves the supplier portal. It integrates suppliers and service providers into your business processes – online, of course.

Bidders, suppliers and service providers receive your requests and orders via the portal and can return their offers and activity recordings there as well. This turns up the pace in your processes, avoids detours and unnecessary expenditure. Moreover: all processes are documented in a comprehensible (transparent) and audit proof manner. Technical requirements for the use of the Supplier Portal are simple. The users only need Internet access. The handling of material lists and bills is easy as well. They are presented in HTML format and can therefore be edited directly online in the portal or up and down loaded in GAEB and Excel format.

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