Code of Conduct

1.      Objective of the Code of Conduct

Our business policy requires adherence to behavioral principles shared by our associates and our employees as well. We have issued this code of conduct in order to codify binding regulations, especially in terms of compliance with ethical standards, applicable law and integrity. All employees and all those who act on behalf of Futura Soultions, including subcontractors, are bound to adhere to the code of conduct, regardless of place and position.


2.      Social Responsibility

It is our firm conviction that assuming social responsibility is a decisive factor for the enduring success of a company. As a result, it is also an indispensable feature of a value-oriented business management. We focus especially on universal ethical values such as integrity, righteousness and human dignity. In this context we commit ourselves to the following principles:  

Child Labor
We outlaw child labor and do not deploy children and adolescent persons in order to attain our commercial goals. Their health and security must never be compromised. We respect and adhere to the corresponding laws.  

Health Protection
We comply with occupational health and safety regulations for the well-being of our employees.  

Working Hours
We abide by nationally applicable laws and regulations governing working hours.

We guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or world-view, disability, age or sexual orientation.  

Salary / Payment
We respect and guarantee adherence to the prevailing minimum wage law.    

Fair and Respectful Work Environment
We encourage employee interaction aiming at the enhancement of mutual respect, understanding and confidence.  

Freedom of Opinion / Speech
We respect the right to freedom of opinion and expression.  

Privacy Protection
We respect privacy.  

We campaign for the advancement of society and encourage our employees to act in this spirit.  

Forced Labor
We refrain from forced labor of any kind.  

Information Privacy and Security
We protect the confidentiality of personally identifiable information and we guarantee information security in our entire computer assisted business-processes. As a result we are securing the personal rights, the privacy and the business-related data.  

Protection of our Competitive Edge
We protect our trade secrets from delivery to a third party.  

Fair Competition
We commit to competition by fair means and to compliance with the prevailing trade laws.  

Integrity in Business Dealings
We reject corruption and bribery and will not tolerate any of these.  

The Principle of Sustainability
We are advocating environmental protection, health protection and the safety of the people  

Compliance with the Law
We respect and adhere to the legal framework to which we are bound.  

Cooperation with Public Authorities
We are maintaining cooperative relations with public authorities.

3. Singature

Hartmut Schwadtke
Managing Director of Futura Solutions GmbH